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Smart Men Prefer Birkenstocks

Savvy  Consumers Prefer Men’s Birkentocks

Men and women unknowingly put a lot of wear-and-tear on their feet on a daily basis.  This is an important concept to consider as the feet support the entire human body.  Feet are what enable walking, running, standing, swimming, and dancing.  The feet are taken for granted far too often.Birkenstock Arizona for Men

Fashion footwear is in part to blame as this type of shoe is not always anatomically correct. Many pairs of women’s dress shoes are made with pointy toes that restrict movement, along with high heels that force the weight of the body onto the ball of the foot.

Men’s shoes are not without their problems, as well.  Men are every bit as prone to foot problems as a result of footwear.  Men and women both purchase orthotics in an attempt to correct what footwear lacks. Podiatrists frequently suggest to their patients to purchase and wear shoes and sandals by the maker Birkenstock for comfort and health.

Birkenstock LondonThis German shoe maker designed the world’s first footbed comprised of shock-absorbing cork and latex.  The insole is made to the shape of the human foot, and with time, molds to the owner’s feet.  All of these sandals and shoes offer arch support to a degree; some more so than others.  Furthermore, many designs feature removable footbeds which extends the life of the shoe itself.  The idea behind this popular sandal started with the notion that shoes should match the shape of the foot.  Although this sounds like common sense, the majority of footwear does not follow this idea.

Diabetics, arthritis sufferers, and those with other documented feet problems have a lot of success with this brand of shoe.  Many lines are open-toed with adjustable buckle straps for optimal comfort.  The closed-toe variety offer a roBerkeleyomy ball-of-foot and toe area.  Open-back clogs and traditional full shoes are available by this maker as well.

Birkenstock’s have stood the test of time for durability, comfort, and support.  It is not uncommon to be able to wear the same pair of sandals for ten years; the shoe is well worth the price.

Happy Feet Plus offers a full line and huge election of Birkenstock shoes, sandals and clogs for men. In addition to the classic Birkentocks, Happy Feet carries the full line from all the Birkenstock family of footwear including the Alpro, Tatami, Birki’s and Footprints…and all at great prices!